TRANSYACHT J. i M. Makowscy s.j
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Welcome to our website!

Why work with us?
We have pleasure in introducing our company as the shipping firm. Our goal is mainly the shipment of sailing boats and power boats, but we also have got some trucks to transport other goods.

The company has been conducting its business activity on the market since 1996. At the beggining we transported small yachts and power boats. In view of heavy demand of the market, which started expanding very dynamically, in our offer we introduced some vehicles that can transport any kinds of yachts.

We are an experienced, trustworthy and vigorously acting company. We employ experienced and trained employees. We own exellently adapted equipment. We invite you to use our services. Yours faithfully

The company menagment and employees of the firm Transyacht
Always offer affordable and reliable!
In our offer transport of:
  • motor boats
  • sailing yachts
  • private cars and trucks
  • agricultural machines
  • cargo and oversized cargo